A Minute Matters.

You’re spending significant money to send traffic to your website, but are you doing everything you can to close the deal once leads land there? With Lucep, it’s time to wave goodbye to low conversion rates and embrace a speedy, insight-driven tool that gives your sales team the competitive edge.

Respond to leads with time, and analytics on your side. Our app and website pop-up callback invite are the twin turbo engines that facilitate purchase decisions at the exact moment your customer is in the mood to buy.


Drive Success.

What are the pain-points plaguing your B2B sales team? Whether you’re bogged down by endless data entry, handcuffed by insufficient visitor data, or inefficient at allocating and following up on leads, Lucep is here to revolutionize your sales funnel. Our team of sales professionals created the two-part Lucep system to solve real problems that hold back sales teams like yours. Get ready to discover the power of an instant sales notification system crafted to drive your success.

Quick wins.

Take a glance at the immediate benefits of using Lucep.

“We have seen the number of leads from our website increase by four times with no additional marketing spend.”
Raaj, Head of Sales | Evoma
“A couple of leads came to us late in the evening around 9:30pm…..they were pretty surprised that we were able to respond so quickly. Would i recommend Lucep? Yes, definitely yes.”
Sumukha Rao, CEO | Ta3s Testing
“If you are serious about lead conversion, give Lucep a shot”
Abhisarika Das , Founder | KLOC Technologies
“As a result of putting the Lucep widget on our homepage, it massively accelerated the number of individuals who were putting leads forward to us. It’s a fantastic product.”

Dom Clonen, Director and Co-Founder | CIO Matrix

That extra minute
could save you millions.


47% increase in lead generation


63% of customers give business to the first company to respond


72% higher lead conversion rate

From Site to Sales. In Real-Time.

Simply install our callback form on your website, download our mobile app, and start getting analytics-packed alerts each time a lead requests a call.Whenever your lead visits your site and requests more information, you’ll literally have the sale in your hand.

Suits All Sizes

Lucep works for sales teams of 1 and 100 equally well. So long as you need more customers, you need Lucep.

Easy Setup & Integration

Easy Setup | Lucep

Implementing Lucep doesn’t require hours of custom coding. Setup can be as easy as a click of a button.

A Powerful Pair.

Lucep sends real-time updates of customer interests and browsing activity along with their contract information – so you’re making the most informed and timely sales call ever.

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