Every Minute Matters.

Respond to leads with time, and analytics on your side. Our app and website pop-up callback invite are the twin turbo engines that facilitate purchase decisions at the exact moment your customer is in the mood to buy.

Quick Wins.

Take a glance at the immediate benefits of using Lucep.

Actionable Data

See your sales stats and make decisions in a mere seconds.

That extra minute could save you millions.


47% increase in lead generation


63% of customers give business to the first company to respond


72% higher lead conversion rate

Go global. Instantly.

Lucep works in any region your site does allowing for a truly mobile sales team.

Site to Sales in real-time.

Whenever your lead visits your site and requests more information, you’ll literally have the sale in your hand.

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We understand how implementing new processes and technology can be unnerving. It will encourage you to know that there are already businesses like yours leading the way.

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